Journal of Management & Engineering Integration, v.12 no.2 (Winter)

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Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS)

Journal of Management & Engineering Integration, v.12, no.2 (Winter). Ed. Ron Barrett- Gonzalez. Wichita, KS, 2019

Table of Content
Evaluating the impact of student constructed four-bar mechanisms on achieving learning objectives in an Industrial Mechanisms course / Jacob A. Cress -- A variation of the network flow algorithm to optimize the diversity of project groups / Holger Mauch -- A genetic algorithm for battery-based energy storage transportation using railway / Khaled S. Abdallah and Raghda B. Taha -- Application of group control charts for multiple parts manufacturing / Abdulaziz G. Abdulaziz, Clovis S. Ribas and Gamal S. Weheba -- Effects of design parameters on dimensional accuracy of parts made on a mini 3-Axis CNC router / R. Radharamanan -- A benchmark study -- How Industrial Engineering undergraduate programs are addressing healthcare needs / Tasmia Mustaquim, Paige Boudreaux, Isabelina Nahmens, Craig Harvey, Laura Ikuma -- Does corporate social responsibility affect corporate profit margins? / Gordon W. Arbogast and Vikas Agrawal -- Optimal stormwater runoff path by identifying gravitational potential energy function with the least energy path / Mohammed Zwawi and Mohammed Algarni -- Mobile device espionage / Deborah Carstens, John Mahlman, Jeffrey Miller and Matthew Shaffer -- Safety culture at a collegiate flight school / Brooke Wheeler, Christopher Cambata, Gazali Alyamani, Greg Fox and Isaac Silver -- Examining airline ground operation incidents by airport size / Brooke Wheeler, Jahleel L. Gomez-Womack and David C. White -- Operational mishap and incident reports by phase of flight / Brooke Wheeler, Ryder Wertin, Greg Fox and Isaac Silver
Published in SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository by Wichita State University Libraries Technical Services, November 2022.