Parnassus 1938

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Municipal University of Wichita
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University of Wichita. Parnassus 1938. Wichita, Kan: Wichita State University, 2017

Includes stories and pictures related to the University athletics, faculty, classes, new buildings, R.O.T.S., student publications, music and arts, student government and other student organizations.

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Published by the Board of Publications of the University of Wichita
Editorial staff: Bob Keller, Editor; Edmond Jacoby, Business Manager
Dedication: "To the people of Wichita who have made possible the erection and development of the University of Wichita, . the 1938 Parnassus is dedicated. Through the unfailing efforts of certain individuals for an institution of higher learning in Wichita the present Municipal University of Wichita was founded. Since the founding of the present University in 1926 both the size of the enrollment and the number of buildings have been constant! y increasing. The first graduating class of the University in 1927 numbered forty-eight. This year's seniors number two hundred and sixteen men and women. New buildings erected since the incorporation of Fairmount College with the new Municipal University include the Administration Building, Science Building, and the Commons and Auditorium. Modernization of the Art Building and the Men's Gymnasium has also been accomplished. Completed since 1926 has been the paving of the roads on the campus. Landscaping of the entire cam pus has been started. At the present time a number of proposals for new buildings on the campus are under way. Additions to the University now being sought are a new section to the football stadium, a new library, and new dormitories for men and cottages for women students. To demonstrate the gratitude of the students of the University, the 1938 Parnassus is dedicated to the People of the City of Wichita. For this reason various scenes of Wichita have been included in the opening section of the Parnassus."
University of Wichita
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Parnassus Yearbook; 1938
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