Student's preparedness in the 21st Century: A suburban district's perspectives

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Callis, Larry D.
Herl, Dale L.
Lutz, Lisa L.
Watkins, Mark Charles Henry
Rimmington, Glyn M.

Callis, Lisa Lutz Larry, Herl, Dale, Lutz, Lisa L. and Mark Watkins (2009). Student's Preparedness in the 21st Century: A Suburban District's Perspectives. In Proceedings: 5th Annual Symposium: Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects. Wichita, KS: Wichita State University, p. 46-47


Secondary students are graduating into a world that is increasingly interconnected, interdependent and culturally diverse. This dynamic environment requires a level of intercultural and information literacy that is presently recognized by some school district leaders and teachers in a mid-western suburban school district as a necessity for its graduates. This study focused on district stakeholder perspectives about: the current intercultural and information literacy of graduates; what is needed for future graduates; and requirements for instituting curricular changes to prepare its students for the 21st century. A qualitative methodology comprising focus groups, interviews, an online survey of key stakeholders and a document review were conducted. Critical social, social exchange and constructivist learning theories, underpinned by a constructionist epistemology, informed this study. The results should serve as an aid for awareness and planning in the school district in relation to curricular and instructional issues.

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Paper presented to the 5th Annual Symposium on Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects (GRASP) held at the Hughes Metropolitan Complex, Wichita State University, May 1, 2009.
Research completed at the Department of Educational Leadership, College of Education