Lambda Alpha Journal, v.25/26 (complete version)

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Lambda Alpha National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology
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Adventures in Cultural Dynamics by Lowell D. Holmes -- Conserving Mesoamerican Stucco Facades Using Three-Dimensional Imaging and Computer assisted Fabrication for the On-Site Installation of Replicas by John H. Taylor -- Iranian Women and Perceptions of Autonomy by Laila Aghaie -- The Mazatecs Indians’ Creation of Linguistic Art Through Use of a Hallucinogenic Mushroom by Elizabeth Hawthorne -- A Glance at the Tradition of Midwifery in the Southern United States by Maria Curtis Richardson -- Stones and Bones: Do the Lithic Assemblages at the Middle-Upper Paleolithic Boundary Support the Strict Replacement Hypothesis for Modern Human Origins? by Indiana M. Jones -- Quantum Ethnography: Anthropology in the Post-Einsteinian Era by Elizabeth F. Vann.
The double issue of the Journal comprises volumes 25 and 26 for 1994 and 1995. It opens with the article of Lowell D. Holmes, former Editor-In-Chief, Advisor, and Founder of the Journal, and also includes six other research articles. The current issue signifies an important period in the life and history of both the Journal and the Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society. Now in its twenty fifth issue (Vol. 25/26), the Journal has served as a forum for student publications in all areas of anthropology for more than a quarter of a century. During this time the Journal has undergone various changes in format and it has also grown in circulation. This issue have been completely revised, and compliance with the guidelines for the American Anthropologist has been more completely enforced.