2020 Fall Provost Tip of the Week

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Muma, Richard D.
Lefever-Davis, Shirley

Muma, Richard D. and Lefever, Shirley, "Provost Tip of the Week," Fall 2020, 6 pages.

Table of Content
August 17, 2020: This semester, more than ever, it is essential that we support our students in the classroom and help them connect to valuable and important resources for their success -- August 24, 2020: Tips to help you succeed in my class -- August 31, 2020: Using campus resources can help you succeed academically -- September 8, 2020: How sharp are your time management skills? -- September 14, 2020: How do your class notes look? -- September 21, 2020: Attending office (student) hours can help you succeed in my class -- September 28, 2020: Looking for productive ways to manage your health and stress? -- October 5, 2020: Mid-semester academic check-in -- October 12, 2020: Prepare NOW for spring 2021 enrollment -- October 19, 2020: Are you in the right major? -- October 26, 2020: Exchange and travel programs are great opportunities to enhance your education -- November 2, 2020: Seek help while preparing for your final assignments and projects -- November 9, 2020: Are you ready to begin working in your field? -- November 16, 2020: Finals preparation is important for your academic success -- November 30, 2020: What lies ahead in the next few semesters? -- Take care of yourself and keep it up!