Extended search for supernovalike neutrinos in NOvA coincident with LIGO/Virgo detections

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Acero, Mario A.
Adamson, P.
Aliaga, Leo
Anfimov, Nikolay V.
Antoshkin, A.
Meyer, Holger
Muether, Mathew
Solomey, Nickolas

Acero, M. A., Adamson, P., Aliaga, L., Anfimov, N., Antoshkin, A., Arrieta-Diaz, E., . . . (The NOvA Collaboration). (2021). Extended search for supernovalike neutrinos in NOvA coincident with LIGO/Virgo detections. Physical Review D, 104(6) doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.104.063024


A search is performed for supernovalike neutrino interactions coincident with 76 gravitational wave events detected by the LIGO/Virgo Collaboration. For 40 of these events, full readout of the time around the gravitational wave is available from the NOvA Far Detector. For these events, we set limits on the fluence of the sum of all neutrino flavors of at 90% C.L. assuming energy and time distributions corresponding to the Garching supernova models with masses 9.6(27) . Under the hypothesis that any given gravitational wave event was caused by a supernova, this corresponds to a distance of at 90% C.L. Weaker limits are set for other gravitational wave events with partial Far Detector data and/or Near Detector data.

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