Reading readiness at level one

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Haley, Rheba M.
Baker, Horace H.
Sipple, Leslie B.

The basic assumption of this investigation is that reading readiness has an important influence upon the physical, mental. and emotional development of the child at grade one. It is not the purpose of this study to try to settle for all time this important interesting problem, but merely to investigate the facts, and to draw some pertinent conclusions from them. If as a result, school officials and parents become less prejudiced, and primary teachers in kindergarten and grade one receive encouragement rather than criticism with respect to this problem, the time will have been well spent.

Table of Content
The problem and definition of terms used -- Review of related studies -- Methods and materials used -- Readiness test and check list -- Suggested readiness program -- Summary and conclusions -- Suggestions and recommendations -- Bibliography -- Appendix
Thesis (M.A.)-- University of Wichita, College of Education, Dept. of Education