RSS Feeds: Promoting New Materials at Mississippi State University

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Williams, Virginia Kay

Williams, Virginia Kay. (Spring 2008). RSS Feeds: Promoting New Materials at Mississippi State University. Mississippi Libraries, 72 (1):9-10, 16.


Most libraries promote new materials by displaying them together, but MSU Libraries also uses RSS feeds to promote recent arrivals to people who aren’t in the library. This article describes how MSU Libraries developed a new materials Web page with RSS feeds. Visitors to the library’s Web site can sign up for RSS feeds by subject, by library branch, or by special collection. When books are added to the library’s catalog the titles are sent directly to RSS readers so the MSU community can learn about the libraries’ new books in the same reader that delivers news from favorite Web sites.

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Informal article, based on a poster session presented at Mississippi Library 2.0 Summit (2007) and Mississippi Library Association Conference (2007).