Buckling analysis of a taper-taper adhesive-bonded joint

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Helms, Jack E.
Yang, Chihdar Charles
Pang, Su-Seng

Helms, J. E., Yang, C., & Pang, S. (1998). Buckling analysis of a taper-taper adhesive-bonded joint. Paper presented at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Petroleum Division (Publication) PD


An analytical model of the behavior of an adhesive-bonded taper-taper joint under in-plane compressive loading has been developed using an energy method. The model was based on first-order laminated plate theory and transverse shear deformation effects were included. Fourier series were used to represent the displacement variables and the Ritz method was used to derive a matrix equation for unidirectional and crossply laminates.A FORTRAN personal computer program is being developed to evaluate the individual terms in the matrix equation, perform the matrix manipulations, and solve for the smallest eigenvalue. A series of experiments were conducted to verify the analytical model.

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