The Sunflower, v.74, no.40 (March 20, 1970)

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The Sunflower: Our 74th year of editorial freedom, v.74 no.40. Wichita, Kansas, March 20, 1970. - 12 pages
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Article(s): Nixon’s Vietnam policies criticized by Demo Harris / Mickey Betz -- PE head answers SGA charges / Mike Oates -- Pub board disallows claims of former yearbook staff / Kevin Cook -- April 17 deadline set for credit-no credit -- Nixon calls for student aid -- During birth control discussion: Panel refutes dangers of pill / Terri Partridge -- Manager of arena appears at meeting -- Southeast Asian cat and mouse -- Micky Mouse minority / Sydney Martin -- To the editor -- Nature gave us a real snow job -- Coordinator terms Greek Week a hit -- Former fine arts prof dies at 73 -- Australian describes apartheid / Steve Sherman -- Local MD named head of Health professions -- AMA attacks grass -- Director resumes former post on return from Saudi Arabia -- Wichita music city?: Entertainer's star rises / Steve Koski -- Canadian raps U.S. hypocrisy -- 'Super' golfer has promising future for Shocks / Tony Jimenez -- Gold match in Oklahoma: Shocks place 3rd in tourney / Mike Appelhans -- Independents dominate wrestling competition
Photograph(s): Agony: In the early 14th century, an unknown sculptor portrayed the Madonna and Christ in his work " Pieta.” The agony he portrayed remains the theme of the Christian Holy Week to be celebrated next week. p. 1 -- Sen Fred Harris. p. 1 -- Dr. Robert Holemer. p. 1 -- Eager to comply?: Draft Board 68 executive secretary Mrs. Mildred Walters makes her way through the crowd at Mobe demonstration Thursday. about 10 people participated in the leaderless demonstration. p. 2 -- Interest: Donna Jeffries, university college freshman snubs out a cigarette as she listens to Dr. W.G. Eckert explain various points about birth control. The panel discussion Wednesday night was sponsored by Associated Women Students. p. 3 -- Snow balling: Men from Brennan Hall invade the Grace Wilkie women for a free-for-all snowball fight after the city's 18 inch pile-up. p. 5 -- Bad finger: Raised fingers were sculpted in front of the tennis courts and in the 300 block of North Hillside. p. 5 -- Traditional: Engineering students erected this shamrocked snowman in front of the engineering building. p. 5 -- Flurries: A number of students frolic in the snow on sorority row. The Monday snowfall broke local records for the month of March. p. 5 -- Dr. D. Cramer Reed. p. 6 -- On record: Pete Isaacson. one of Wichita’s finest entertainers featured Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights at the Hourglass, released his first album this week. p. 9
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The Sunflower
v.74 no.40
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