Another moment to live

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Le, Nam

Mother Nature brought Life to Earth. However, we tend to appreciate living creatures over once-to-be-alive ones. In particular, we don’t usually consider a dead tree an aesthetical symbol. After the tree dies, its body would just stand there, waiting to be rotted. We forgot about the fact that the tree has engraved its spirit into the body: when a wooden log is cut open, beautiful wood grain will reveal itself to life again. Although life has departed, it doesn’t take away the tree’s underlying beauty. I want to explore this beauty by incorporating it into my work. Using woodworking techniques, I can alternate different woods into new forms and thus giving them a chance to be alive again. They gain the ability to show the breath of life through either geometric or organic figures. With the new forms, these dead parts of Nature would gain more appreciation from us, the people who live upon the benefits of them.

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Second place winner of oral presentations in the Exhibition/Performance section at the 11th Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum (URCAF) held at the Rhatigan Student Center , Wichita State University, April 5, 2011