Elastic-plastic analysis of adhesive-bonded single-lap composite joints under tension

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Yang, Chihdar Charles
Pang, Su-Seng

Yang, C., & Pang, S. (1993). Elastic-plastic analysis of adhesive-bonded single-lap composite joints under tension. Paper presented at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pressure Vessels and Piping Division (Publication) PVP, , 259, 225-236.


An analytical model of adhesive-bonded single-lap composite joints is developed to predict the stress-strain distributions with such joints under tensile loading. The First-order laminated anisotropic plate theorem is utilized to derive the governing equations of each adherend. The system of coupled governing equations are then determined through the kinematics of the adhesive layer. The adhesive is assumed elastic-plastic in shear while elastic in transverse tension to show the real applications. The solutions of the system are obtained with the Fourier cosine series and appropriate boundary conditions. Based on the developed model, the stress and strain distributions of the adherends and the adhesive can be predicted. The coupling effects between the external tension and the induced bending due to the asymmetry of composite laminates as well as the effects of transverse deformation are included in this study. The two adherends can have different dimension and material properties. The results are compared to the elastic model developed by the authors. The effects of the overlay length on the joint strength based on the maximum shear strain failure criteria are also provided.

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