2023-03-31 General Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the General Faculty meeting of March 31, 2023. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2022-2023, v.36

Table of Content
Agenda: (Approval of Minutes): November 11, 2019, Last General Faculty meeting -- (New Business): General Education Transfer policy implementation -- Policy change allowing the General Assembly to meet electronically or dual mode
Minutes: (Summary of Action): Approved motional to change to the Bylaws of General Faculty Meeting to allow for dual-mode / online meetings -- Approved motion to adopt the General Education Policy as submitted by the Faculty Senate -- (Meeting called to Order): John Hammond was appointed Secretary and Jolynn Dowling was appointment Parliamentarian -- (Moment of Silence for Deceased Faculty) -- (Approval of Minutes): April 2019 -- (Updated and Recommended Proposals from the Faculty Senate): Faculty Senate Recommends Motion to change the Bylaws of General Faculty Meeting to allow dual-mode / online meetings -- Faculty Senate Recommends Motion to adopt the General Education Transfer Policy -- (Motion to change the order of business to first hear amendment): the General Education Proposal with instead preserving our current General Education Program -- (Amendment): Remove the requirement of 3 hours of First-Year Seminar from Bucket #7; motioned and seconded -- (Amendment): Allow First Year Seminar (FYS) courses to be counted as a disciplinary course in Bucket #5 or #6, as originally proposed by the General Education Committee -- Motion to retain our current General Education policy -- Motion to extend the meeting -- Motion approved by VOTE by show of hands
Attachments uploaded separately (copy and paste URLs): 1. General Faculty Meeting PowerPoint (https://soar.wichita.edu/handle/10057/25345)