The Sunflower, v.50, no.27 (May 10, 1945)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.50, no.27, Wichita, Kansas, May 10, 1945. - 4 pages

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Article(s): Victory is celebrated on campus: Quiet convo held V-E Day -- President's reception May 25 opens activities for seniors -- Give service exams soon -- May Day election reveals Douglas Student Council head -- Estes meet is June 17 -- Summer school plans complete -- New teacher for art department -- What about summer? -- Victory is solemn -- Officers merit confidence -- Dames club holds tea -- A.A.U.W. celebrates 25th anniversary -- Books honor W.U. heroes -- Faithful Wofsy "cuts" May Day -- Typed on a Wednesday / Joanie O'Bryant -- Give awards at banquet -- Professors plan forum meeting -- Sorosis dance tomorrow night -- Musicians give recital Tuesday -- Y.W. Magazine drive begins -- Read will head Alpha Epsilon -- Chapel vows unite pair -- Plan auditing of club books -- Instruction for high school coaches will be given here -- Pottery work on display -- High schools get bulletin -- Food students serve meals -- Women's baseball games end today -- Roundabout the campus -- Suspense grips campus as students wait for victory
Photograph(s): Uncaptioned photograph of Dr. Edward R. Weidlein. p. 1 -- Uncaptioned photograph of Rev. Thomas Williams. p. 1 -- Frances Douglas. p. 1 -- [Joanie] O'Bryant. p. 2
Newspaper mislabeled as Vol. XLX.