1990-04-09 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of April 9, 1990. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 1989-1990, v.3

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal proposals and statements): Report by the Caucus Voice -- Report on meetings held or arranged between President Armstrong and College or Senate Division Faculty -- (Old business): Receive report from Library/MRC Committee / Phillip Parker (Attachment A) -- Scholarship policy / Diane Quantic (Attachment B) -- Academic Affairs Committee report - Carol Konek (Attachment C) -- (New business): Report from Court of Academic Appeals / Wayne Dunning (Attachment D) -- Report from Exception Committee / Stephen Brady (Attachment E) -- Report from Honors Committee / Walter Horn (Attachment F) -- Report of Faculty support committee / Thomas Izbicki (Attachment G)
Attachments: A. Senate Library and MRC Committee 1989-1990 report; -- B. Financial aids policy for The Wichita State University; -- D. Annual report; -- E. University Exceptions Committee annual report to the Faculty Senate / Stephen W. Brady; -- F. Honors Committee report to the Faculty Senate / Walter Horn; --- G. Summary of committee activities / Thomas M. Izbicki; -- Handouts for April 16, 1990 meeting: Attachment A. Sabbaticals; Attachment B. Role and Scope; Attachment C. Subvention
Minutes: (Informal proposals and statements): General faculty caucus called -- Meetings of faculty groups with President Armstrong -- (Old business): Library/MRC Committee report / Professor Parker -- Academic Affairs Committee - Course syllabus policy -- (New business): Court of Academic Appeals -- Exceptions Committee / Professor Brady -- Honors Committee / Senator Horn -- Faculty Support Committee / Senator Izbicki