1994-05-02 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of May 2, 1994. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 1993-1994, v.7

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (Committee reports): 1. Faculty Senate Honors Committee -- 2. Faculty Support Committee -- 3. General Education Committee -- (Old business): A. Dismissal for Cause Policy, latest revision prepared by Sens. Murphey & Clark and AVPAA Zoller -- (New business): Report of the Ad Hoc committee on Faculty Associate Proposal
Attachments: Faculty Senate Honors Committee annual report, 1993-1994 -- Faculty Support, 1993-94 Senate Committee annual report -- 1993-1994 report of the Committee on General Education -- Report from Committee reviewing Faculty Associate category and Unclassified Professional teaching faculty / Appointed Ad Hoc Committee: Donna Hawley, Fred Kraft, Gerald Paske -- Procedures for Dismissal for Cause
Minutes: Summary of action taken: Passed Dismissal for Cause Procedure -- (Informal statements and proposals): Comments on Steve Jordan speaking at the AAUP conference / Senator Mandt -- Faculty pay issue still not approved / Senator Mandt -- Budget Committee update / President Clark -- Inclusion of all faculty and unclassified professionals to be included in pay distribution / Unclassified Professional Senate President -- Legislature dealing with defining "faculty" and is using "ranked faculty" / Senator Flentje -- (Committee reports): Honors Committee report -- (Old business): Dismissal for Cause procedure -- (New business): Report of the Ad Hoc Committee investigating the Faculty Associate rank -- Update on legislature's budget progress / President Hughes