1926 Fairmount College Twenty-eighth Annual Commencement

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Commencement Program
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Fairmount College Commencement Program
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The twenty-eight annual commencement program included invocation part featured by Reverend Clayton B. Wells, commencement address by Reverend Wofford C. Timmons; music performances by Mrs. Q. C. Drake, Mr. Reno B. Myers, Miss Winifred Palmer, Mrs. Frank Power, Florian Nash, and Mrs. Flo Nash. Conferring of degrees and announcements followed; benediction by Reverend James Brett Kenna.
The following degrees were conferred: Honorary Degree: Howard Wetmore Darling, L.H.D; Candidates for Degree: Zora Anderson, B.A.: Irene Coleman, B.A.: Mildred Gavitt, B.A.; Mildred Shuman, B.A.; Blanche Bryant, B.A.; Juanita Gosch, B.A.; Katie Landsdowne, B.A.; Clarence Means, B.A.; Opal Walker Parrot, B.A.; Genevieve Rapp, B.A.; Warren Smith, B.A.; Hortense Thompson, B.A.; Elmer Austin, B.A.; Don Bartell, B.A.; Maurice Bartlebaugh, B.A.; Frank Blake, B.A.; Cale Blakey, B.A.; Jerome Brennan, B.A.; Faye Brewer, B.A.; Bryon Chapell, B.A.; Della Clark, B.A.; Eva Coiner, B.A.; Lee Cornell, B.A.; Darling Crum, B.A.; Claude Dalbom, B.A.; Floyd Davidson, B.A.; Fred Dodge, B.A.; Knox Dunlap, B.A.; Ralph Dunn, B.A.; Dale Gard, B.A.; Loretta Gard, B.A.; Leona Gwinn, B.A.; Clifford Hagerty, B.A.; May Harrison, B.A.; Herschel Heath, B.A.; Buel Hunter, B.A.; Harold Isley, B.A.; Violet Johnson, B.A.; Opal Kaminke, B.A.; Ruby Kaminke, B.A.; Mary Kelley, B.A.; Jim Klaver, B.A.; Lillian Kriz, B.A.; Frank McCormick, B.A.; Louise McCormick, B.A.; Berniece Means, B.A.; H.S. Miller, B.A.; Paul Miller, B.A.; Arthur Pease, B.A.; Helen Pitts, B.A.; Alma Salter, B.A.; Sam Schaefer, B.A.; George Scott, B.A.; Wallace Seaman, B.A.; Josephine Shriver, B.A.; Donald Thompson, B.A.; Dawn Tullis, B.A.; Victor Tuttle, B.A.; Hazel Varner, B.A.; Manly Wellman, B.A.; Mandell Wells, B.A.; Francis West, B.A.; Wildeanna Withers, B.A.; Lennel Wright, B.A; Cora Bailey, B.A.; Winifred DeWitt Palmer, B.Mus.; Roy Metcalf, B.Mus.; College Conservatory: Mrs. Herman Meyers, Diploma; Esther Mueller, Diploma; Clarice Miller, Diploma; Frances Hilbig, Diploma; Pearl Lacy, Diploma; Constance Barbour, Diploma; Wildeanna Withers, Diploma; Lucile Hall, Diploma; Sister Mary Imelda, Certificate; Dorothy Hunter, Certificate; Evelyn Hinckley, Certificate; Clarice Miller, Certificate; Florian N. Nash, Certificate; Thelma Ray Osborne, Certificate; Mrs. John Gabrielson, Certificate
Fairmount College. Twenty-eighth Annual Commencement. Wichita, Kansas, June 2, 1926. 8 pages
Wichita State University
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