The Sunflower, v.48, no.01 (September 24, 1942)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.48, no.1, Wichita, Kansas, September 24, 1942. - 8 pages
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Article(s): R.O.T.C. classes set new record in enrollment -- Mikesell teaches class -- C.P.T. unit is large at W.U. -- Work stopped on football stadium -- Men's I.S.A. group opens first co-operative house -- Cover contest for Parnassus to end Oct. 16 -- Wichita students to find 'war work' possible on campus -- Armed Services to explain units -- First all-school convocation is Friday, Sept. 25 -- Forum planning for big season -- Fraternities announce pledging one hundred twenty-seven men following one week of rushing -- Flutists to play for music group -- W.R.A. will honor all freshmen girls -- Y.W.C.A. to elect freshmen officers -- Marriage calls several former Wichita students -- I.S.A. girls will hold Coke Session -- Roundabout the campus / Malone(y)'s Baloney -- I.S.A. invites new students to mixer -- W.U. sororities climax Rush Week with pledging of seventy-seven and announcement of new groups -- Men outnumber women at W.U. reporter reveals -- Claire Trevor thrills four young soldiers -- Shooting the ball hardly necessary says Cornell man -- Spirit of cooperation prevails in Commons Fountain Room -- W.U. students and the forum -- Local sorority membership -- Shocker shots / McAuley -- Alumni opens ticket sale -- Typed on a Wednesday / Dick Gavitt -- Collegiate digest / Associated Collegiated Press -- University bulletins -- New radio work now is offered -- Greene names varsity group -- New honor list released today -- New service in Library -- Long-distance calls should now be made in off-peak periods -- Nursing course to be offered -- Instrument trainer is new equipment -- Residence credit given in evening -- Wheatshockers to meet strong Razorbacks in season opener -- Morehouse takes position at K.U. -- Hinton is made W.A.A.C. officer -- Shocker sport sketches -- Women's pep club will go national -- Binford will start basketball today -- Sports / Bill Mendell -- Soccer tilts to open fall sport program today -- Shocker alumni head drive for football ducats -- Sports will be in slump throughout World War -- Former athletes are at air school -- 1,300 year-old Buddha found -- Graham is behind new pep club -- Kansas State wins opening grid game -- Vets hold fate of W.U. eleven -- Bureau places all cadet teachers -- Science finds causes of pneumonia epidemics -- Governor urges fire prevention -- Movie studios file cobwebs for next year
Photograph(s): Announces contest: Frances Blume, Parnassus editor-in-chief, has announced the cover contest for the 1943 Parnassus this week. p. 1 -- Convo speaker: Pres. W. M. Jardine will deliver the main address at the first convocation of the year in the auditorium tomorrow. p. 1 -- Varsity Sue and Sam selected: At the first all school varsity Friday night, Pollyann Meeker was chosen "Sweet Varsity Sue" and Tom Curry, "Varsity Sam." The couple, selected by applause during the intermission of the dance, represented the most typical freshman girl and boy. p. 2 -- Dames president: Mrs. W.M. Mikesell, president Dames Club.. p. 3 -- Dick Gavitt. p. 4 -- Varsity chairman: Jack Greene. p. 5 -- New coaching staff: From left to right, Johnny "Lefty" Olmsted, Ralph Graham, and Mel Binford. p. 6 -- Frosh star: Bill Cannon, triple threat halfback from East High School, is one of the promising freshmen on this year's Shocker football team. p. 7 -- Ticket chairman: C.E. Holgerson. p. 7 -- Freshman class officers: Dale Moore, Betty Dashler, Bill Cannon, Kenneth Dirks, Alma Ruth Funk, and Victor Hyden. p. 8 -- Off to market (that's fixed by Papa): Mrs. Leon Henderson, wife of the price administrator, and daughter Lyn, cycle to Annapolis, Md., to shop "at Papa's prices." p. 8 -- Alumni head: Dr. John Willis. p. 8
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The Sunflower
v.48 no.1
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