Systems and methods for augmented reality visual inspections

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Seneviratne, Waruna P.
Tomblin, John S.
Pini, Christopher

Seneviratne, W.P., Tomblin, J.S., Pini, C., inventors; Wichita State University, assignee. Systems and methods for augmented reality visual inspections. United States patent US 11836865 B2. 2023, December 5.


An augmented reality visualization system is disclosed for viewing non-destructive inspection (NDI) data of a component. The system comprises a component camera configured to capture a real time image of the component, a component display configured to display an AR image of the component, and an AR controller including an augmented reality processor and a non-transitory tangible storage medium. The storage medium includes processor-executable instructions for controlling the AR processor when the instructions are executed by the AR processor. The instructions access the NDI data of the component and implement a component AR engine to generate the AR image in real time by overlaying the NDI data on the real time image. The AR engine is configured to detect one or more three-dimensional (3D) features of the component in the real-time image and generate the AR image based on the detected one or more features.

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WSU inventors: Waruna Seneviratne, Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, John Tomblin, Christopher Pini, NIAR
Application No: 17/448005 filed September 17, 2021. Patent No: US 11836865 B2 granted December 5, 2023.