1969-1970 University Senate Curriculum Committee meetings

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University Senate. Minutes of the University Curriculum Committee Meetings. -- University Senate Meetings, 1969-1970, v.6
Table of Contents
Minutes of September 23, 1969: Statement and Proposals -- University Curriculum Committees Charges -- Questions on Core Curriculum Study Committee -- Meeting of University Curriculum Committee
Minutes of October 7, 1969: Suggestion on Future Committee Meetings -- Afro American Studies Program -- Problems and Goals for Future Development of the Program
Minutes of October 30, 1969: Approval of Minutes -- Observations of University Curriculum Committee -- Welcome the Curriculum Recommendations
Minutes of November 11, 1969: Approval of Meeting -- Discussion About Committee Chairman -- Problems on Student Evaluation -- Discussion on Black Studies Program -- Proposed Changes in Honors Program
Minutes of November 18, 1969: Approval of Meeting -- Notice of Meeting
Minutes of December 16, 1969: Approval of Meeting -- Suggestions -- Proposal to the Committee -- Proposal to Interdisciplinary Committees
Minutes of January 8, 1970: Approval of Meeting -- Discussion on Personal Development Program -- Resubmission on Nursing Program -- Consideration on Psychology Department Proposal
Minutes of February 10, 1970: Approval of Minutes -- Alternative Course of Action -- Personal Development Proposal
Minutes of February 17, 1970: Approval of Minutes -- Discussions of Physical Activities
Minutes of February 24, 1970: Approval of Minutes -- Selection of Members -- University Student Government Association Views
Minutes of March 3, 1970: Approval of Meeitng -- Proposal Regarding Eleimination of P.E Requirement -- Discussion on Freshman Seminar Proposal
Minutes of March 17, 1970: Approval of Meeting -- Ideas on Personnel Development Program -- Proposla Regarding New Inhalation Therapy Program
WSU Memorandum, March 23, 1970: Minutes of University Curriculum and Academic Planning Committee
Memorandum, of December 5, 1969: Need for Clarification of Authority and Appropriate Functions of University Curriculum Committee
Curriculum Committee Recommendations: Motions -- Interpretation -- Electives
University Curriculum Meetings: University Curriculum Committee Support the Philosophy on SGA Proposal -- University Curriculum Recommendation
College of Business Administration Probation and Dismissal Standards: Progress on Students Performance
School of Education Probation and Dismissal Standards: Requirements for Students Scholarships
School of Engineering Probation and Dismissal Standards: Students on Statisfactory Progress in Studies
Fairmount COllege Probation and Dismissal Standards: Probation for Students Poor Scholarship
College of Fine Arts Probation and Dismissal Standards: Students on Statisfactory Progress in Studies
University College Probation and Dismissal Standards: Students on Statisfactory Progress in Studies
Wichita State University
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Wichita State University, University Senate Archives
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