Indian music

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Lieurance, Thurlow, 1878-1963.
Cadman, Charles Wakefield, 1881-1946.
Nevin, Arthur, 1871-1943.

Lieurance, Thurlow, Charles Wakefield Cadmen and Arthur Nevin. Indian music. Philadelphia, T. Presser Co., 1928. 28 pages

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The musical soul of the American Indian / Thurlow Lieurance -- The American Indian's music idealized / Charles Wakefield Cadman -- Impressions of Indian music as heard in the woods, prairies, mountains and wigwams / Arthur Nevin
Thurlow Weed Lieurance (March 21, 1878 – December 9, 1963) was Dean of Fine Arts at Wichita University (1926 to 1945), who brought the University's music program to national prominence. He is known as a composer and a member of the Indianist movement in American music. Mr. Lieurance's interest in Native American music led to his collecting of native flutes, recording native tunes on tape, and to his most famous composition, "By the Waters of Minnetonka."