Measuring student's perceptions of teaching: Dimensions of evaluation

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Burdsal, Charles A.
Bardo, John W.

Burdsal, Charles A. and JohnW. Bardo. 1986. Measuring student's perceptions of teaching: Dimensions of evaluation. Educational and Psychological Measurement, vol. 46, 1: pp. 63-79. , First Published Mar 1, 1986.


Results from application of the SPTE Questionnaire from 2,115 classes were factor analyzed to oblique simple structure. A first-order solution with six factors resulted: 1) Attitude Toward Students, (2) Work Load, (3) Course Value to Students, (4) Course Organization/Structure, (5) Grading Quality, and (6) Level of Material. Two second-order factors were also found. At the second-order, results showed that course difficulty was uncorrelated with other aspects of students' perceptions of teaching. Results are discussed in relation to broad concepts of teaching evaluation as well as methodological requirements of adequate assessment of teaching quality.

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