The Sunflower, v.59, no.01 (September 16, 1954)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.59, no.1, Wichita, Kansas, September 16, 1954. - 8 pages

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Article(s): Old opponents renew political fight for control / Sara Goeller -- Ticket set-up changed -- Ground will be broken for FA building Friday -- Polls to open Friday at 8 -- Honor guard greets 'Veep' -- Add 24 instructors to University faculty -- Night shirt parade Friday -- 'Bernadine' opens Oct. 28 -- Soph wins award -- Psychology club sees emotional health film -- A will to work -- Parking solution? -- Colonialism on way out / Ed Andreopoulos -- Research foundation in expansion program -- Another means of education -- $10 worth: Student defines hour -- It's all Greek: Clergy overflow -- Miss Kansas tells of trip contest in Atlantic City / Jill Wood -- Fall rushing shortened -- Dance will follow Friday's parade -- Cleopatra's tricks as good as ever -- Vows read -- 126 pledged to WU frats -- Fashion fanciers look ahead to fall wardrobes, formals and all -- Phyllis Trimble, Jim Freitag chosen Varsity Sue, Sam -- Frosh honored at Interlochen -- Ambassador: French Club speaker -- Sophs shine as Shocks maul Hornets 69-7: Reserves spark attack in grid season opener / Don Taylor -- MVC teams win 2 of 5 in openers -- Add 2 members to policy group -- Intramural meeting slated for tomorrow -- Parnassus sale -- Install elevator -- Shockers, Utags battle Saturday: Farmers hold 4-2 lead in grid series history / Daryle Klassen -- Conway chosen 'Player of the Week' -- Giants, Tribe open series in polo ground Sept. 29 -- ROTC has 'new look' -- University graduate receives training -- Lab theatre is organized -- Three profs go to meet -- Coach's son returned -- Army ROTC climbs to enrollment peak
Photograph(s): Ready for elections: Candidates running for office in tomorrow's elections hand in petitions to Mrs. Lorraine King (seated) in the Student Services Office. Left to right, Max Maguire, Donna Wolover, and Spencer Depew. /photo by Howard Eastwood. p. 1 -- Campus addition: The recently constructed research building, located just east of campus, is another step in the Industrial Research Foundation's expansion program. The foundation offices are located on the main floor of the Science Building. p. 3 -- Phyllis Danielson. p. 4 -- Varsity Sue and Sam: Winners, Phyllis Trimble, Pi Kappa Psi, left, and Jim Freitag, Alpha Gamma Gamma, right, of the annual Varsity Sue and Sam contest were announced at the dance after the first home football game Saturday night. The winners are traditionally chosen from freshman candidates sponsored by the social organizations on the campus, and are elected at the dance held in the Women's Gym. p. 5 -- TD bound: Halfback Chuck Hollmer goes over right tackle for the first Shocker touchdown in Saturday's clash with Emporia State. Fritz Brant (63) tackled, is shown coming in on the play. p. 7 -- [Leory B.] Keely. p. 8