We deliver: Overcoming microform collection access issues with electronic delivery

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Weare, William H., Jr.
Langendorfer, Jeanne M.

William H. Weare Jr. & Jeanne M. Langendorfer (2010) We Deliver: Overcoming Microform Collection Access Issues with Electronic Delivery, The Serials Librarian, 58:1-4, 175-181, DOI: 10.1080/03615261003625711


This presentation described the problems library users experienced trying to scan and save or print microform images at Valparaiso University. Complex, difficult to use equipment and software, unfamiliar formats, and file management difficulties interfered with a good experience for the user. Working to remove barriers to obtaining information, Weare piloted a project for library staff to scan and deliver electronically to users content from the microform collection. Not only did the process work, but the project proved that staff could successfully provide such a service.

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