The Sunflower, v.46, no.17 (January 16, 1941)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.46, no.17, Wichita, Kansas, January 16, 1941. - 4 pages

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Article(s): C.A.A. finals to be given this month -- Girls pep club to have dinner -- Brown to give talk on New Jersey trip -- Jardine back from California meeting -- Color photos shown -- Architects fail to achieve unity in campus style -- Course in news photos reveals steady advance -- Parnassus cover is approved by board -- Sunflower to cancel its non-paying alumni list -- Deadline nears on registration for next term -- W.U. to be host to rifle squads -- Sunflower ends four months of foreign travels -- Student council recognizes I.R.C. -- Teacher placement officials to meet -- Croft urges strong new marriage laws -- W.U. to employ 'honor system' in final exams -- Original music for W.U. varsity show -- Staples announces new art exhibition -- A.A.U.P. to meet -- It's a novel, not optimism, that Davis is seeking -- Oberg attends national meet for university -- Sunflower to print issue during finals -- Campus musicians dislike squabble in radio music -- Societies choose officers to serve during next term -- Rustenbach gets laboratory post -- Frosh to elect officers Feb. 11 -- Spaeth rests here on lecture circuit -- Two radio debates to be held Monday -- Sipple will direct diagnostic testing -- Facing the issue -- University bulletin -- Collegiate world -- Oliver's travels -- Shocker shots / Boles -- Freshman's mail reflects European 'war of ideals' -- Ransom foundation gives religious book collection -- Fitzsimmons shows exhibit of puppetry -- Grad gossip: unpaid alumni to be denied Sunflower -- Matrix sorority elect Kindsvater new president -- University dames to have meeting -- Boles new head of art fraternity -- Calendar -- Dinner to fete math department -- College professor gives coeds advice -- Honorary sorority elect Mendus head -- Y.W. to have new furniture in room -- Aesculapius elects officers Thursday -- Campus sorority elects new officers -- Preparations for finals are outlined by Hillbrand -- Mulkey elected Omega president -- Colophon selects officers recently -- Mothers to entertain -- Melcher improving -- Roundabout the campus / Sue and Josie -- Class to serve dinner for guests -- Confusion reigns as campus students strive to identify three sets of twins / Catherine Schermuly -- Wilkie gives talk -- Collecting passes is editor's pastime -- Hinton is told of war by cousins -- Blue Key selects fifteen senior women to honor -- Workers selected for valentine ball -- Auditors hear Read -- First city series game is set for Saturday / Bill Mandle -- Swenson speaks here -- Gym gems / Blume and Chance -- Henning announces volleyball varsity -- Gammas regain intramural lead in recent tally -- Marr abandons tentative plans for boxing team -- Ramblers take badminton lead -- Professor, student write for magazine -- The dope bucket / Bob Jones -- Croft is reporter -- Sharp eyes in Chicago -- Shockers lose all trip games -- Track prospects seem promising for sprint men -- Classes formed in ice skating -- Delta Omega takes first rifle match
Photograph(s): Final-ly it came - by the yawn's early light! / Sunflower Photo: "It's a great life if you don't waken," might be the motto for comely coeds Sue Cope, Jeanne Park, Kay Corbett, Wyrill Stoll, and Rosalie Lochmann as they dip into the last bit of java and book learning before the final leap, which will make or break many a student. p. 1 -- Elliott. p. 2 -- Chaney guard: Jack Chaney, '40, has resigned from the Wichita Police Department to assume the position of uniformed guard at the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. While at the University he was a member of Alpha Gamma Gamma fraternity and Scabbard and Blade. p. 2 -- Billinger transferred: Lieut. Max Billinger, '37, has been transferred to the newly-organized military police battalion of the U.S. Army at Fort Snelling, Minn. While at the University of Wichita, Lieut. Billinger was vice-president of Alpha Gamma Gamma social fraternity and Scabbard and Blade, national honorary military fraternity. p. 2 -- Second semester officers for campus organizations: Here are the presidents of the Greek organizations and the I.S.A., elected for the second semester early this week. Reading from left to right, they are - Rose Marie Marshall, Delta Omega; Florence Fitzwilliam, Epsilon Kappa Rho; Jean Braly, Alpha Tau Sigma; Wilbert Fuller, Phi Upsilon Sigma; Bob Brown, Alpha Gamma Gamma; Lloyd Blair, I.S.A.; Jerald Branson, Phi Lambda Psi; Betty Jane Roberts, Sorosis; Carl Auchterlonie, Pi Alpha Pi; Frances Anderson, Pi Kappa Psi. Mr. Auchterlonie is serving temporarily as Pi Alpha Pi president because of the resignation of Bill Gentry. p. 3 -- Friends captain / Kelley Jacobs: Tommy McCaul, captain of the smooth Friends University squad will play his first game since the early portion of the season when the Westsiders tangle with the Shockers Saturday. McCaul has been sidelined by illness and injuries recently and his return should boost the Quaker chances greatly. p. 4 -- Quaker threat: One of the most dangerous scorers and slickest passers on the Friends University squad is Bob Hower, who will be seen in a starting guard berth in Saturday's Shocker-Quaker game. / photo by Kelley Jacobs. p. 4 -- Jones. p. 4
"Blue Key says - It's easy to drive safely and it's safe to drive easily."