2003-05-12 Election meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the Election Meeting of May 12, 2003. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2003-2004, v.17

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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals)-- (Election of officers for the 2003-04 Senate): nominations have been received for some officers & will be accepted from the floor: A. President - Elect -- B. Vice President -- nominations have been received for Jeri Carroll & Peer Moore-Jansen -- C. Secretary - nomination has been received for Scott Goldy -- D. Members of the Executive Committee (2) -- nominations have been received for Sue Enns & Silvia Herzog -- (Election of three members to the Planning & Budget Committee)
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Completed the Election of the officers of the 2003 - 04 Senate with the exception of President-Elect (which will be held in September 2003) -- 2. Completed the Election of new members of the Planning & Budget Committee -- (Informal statements and proposals): A. Suggestion to investigate the possibility of finding a new room for Senate meetings / Senator Johnson -- B. Expressed regret that the University doesn't give faculty members greater incentive to run for President-Elect of the Senate / Senator Goldy -- (Election of officers for the 2003-04 Senate : A. Pursuant to the Election procedures of the Senate the following were elected: Vice President: Peer Moore-Jansen; Secretary: Scott Goldy; Members of the Executive Committee: Sue Enns and Silvia Herzog -- Member Appointed by the President to be announced in September-- (Election of Planning & Budget Committee members): A. Pursuant to the Election procedures of the Senate, the following were elected for three years appointments: Terence Decker, Business; Joseph Mau, Education; Brian Withrow, LAS Social Sciences