1966-09-26 University Senate meeting

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University Senate

University Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of September 26, 1966. -- University Senate Meetings, 1966-1967, v.3

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Chairman's Agenda: Approval of minutes of Sept. 19 -- Report of Committee on Committees -- Appointments -- Committee reports -- Other business -- Adjournment
Minutes: Meeting called to order / Mr. Cowgill -- Presented names of the chairman elected by the standing committee of the University Senate / Mr. Dralle -- Presented names of individuals appoint by the Committee on Committees to fill vacancies on the standing committees / Mr. Dralle -- Presented names of individuals nominated by the various colleges and schools to fill the vacancies on the United Senate / Mr. Dralle -- Presented the names of individuals recommended by the Committee on Committees to constitute the faculty sub-committee of the University Forum Board / Mr. Dralle -- Agenda Committee of the University Senate will nominate replacements for two members / Mr. Cowgill -- Request that Mr. Homburger, Chairman of the Tenure and Welfare Committee, present a preliminary report on the question of (salary) disability insurance / Mr. Cowgill -- Suggestion that a report from Dean Breazeale concerning the development of the graduate program be include on a future agenda / Mr. Cowgill