Sport public relations: Managing stakeholder communication

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Issue Date
Stoldt, G. Clayton, 1962-
Dittmore, Stephen W., 1968-
Branvold, Scott E., 1949-

Stoldt, G.C., Dittmore, S.W., & Branvold, S.E. (2012). Sport public relations: Managing stakeholder communication (2nd). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.


Sport Public Relations: Managing Stakeholder Communication, Second Edition, takes a comprehensive, businesslike approach to the practice of public relations in sport. Rather than address public relations only as a means of supporting the marketing function or leveraging the media's interest in an event or organization, this text recognizes public relations as a function that is integral to many aspects of a sport organization's goals.

The book covers all aspects of public relations, starting with the foundations of PR in sport and progressing all the way through legal and ethical issues that sport public relations professionals encounter. The second edition has been reorganized to better emphasize new opportunities for sport organizations to directly engage the masses and function as their own media.

Table of Content
Introducing sport public relations -- Integrating public relations with strategic management -- Creating public relations campaigns -- Usiing the internet in sport public relations -- Developing organizational media -- Focusing on the sport organization media relationship -- Managing the sport organization media relationship -- Employing news media tactics -- Staging interviews, news conferences, and media events -- Communicating in times of crisis -- Exploring unmediated communication tactics -- Demonstrating social responsibility -- Communicating with internal publics -- Communicating with external publics -- Legal and ethical dimensions of sport public relations.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
2nd edition