The Sunflower, v.41, no.08 (October 31, 1935)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.41, no.8, Wichita, Kansas, October 31, 1935. - 4 pages
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Article(s): Rush building plans: Construction projects to start soon -- Teacher meet to begin here -- Four girls are cheer leaders -- Dell Hitchner is Rhodes candidate -- Emporia plans to booster train -- Actors await opening play here tonight -- Hornung talks on chest aims -- Bonfire? Yes! -- Halloween comes as just another day - oh, yeah? -- Barb president makes plans -- Books added to library stacks -- Alumni invade campus: Groups plan to entertain guest alumni -- Welcome, alumni -- Geneva Kehr will reign over campus -- Students are again warned -- Have you often wondered where your talents lie? -- Drive for memorial of Will Rogers to Dec. 1 -- Rifle range is open for unit -- Construction work cannot let grass grow in peace on campus -- Eddie Cantor makes appeal to U.S. to keep war 'over there' -- Short pants / Loy Wood -- Collegiate world -- University bulletin -- Variety offered by new library books -- Wheatshocker is issued to alumni -- French Club elects officers for year -- "On Wisconsin" to change owners soon -- Scabbard and Blade celebrates Oct. 27 -- Roundabout -- University society: Webster's preside at Founder’s Day dinner; Annual military ball to be given Nov. 22; Pi Alpha Pi presides at Homecoming dinner; Homecoming varsity will honor alumi and queen; Collegiate 4-H society holds party at Maize; Alpha Taus honor alumnae Saturday; Roberts-Custer vows are taken Sunday; Alpha Gam Mothers Club to hold meeting; Women voters discuss national slogan contest; Matrix sorority starts rush season with tea; Delta Omega honors pledges with "prom"; Tau Omega pledges tea -- Dope favors Emporia in tilt Saturday -- Shockers win over Gorillas -- Emporia still leads league -- Alice Sefton to talk here -- Ring tennis creates campus enthusiasm -- Hockey game to be played November 2
Photograph(s): Mr. [Dell ] Hitch[ner]. p. 1 -- [Leon] Watkins plays in "Holiday" in first production of the season. p. 1 -- Alumni back for campus activity: Mr. Harold Malone, president of the Alumni Association of the University, is one of the many former Shocker students who will return to the campus this weekend to renew old acquaintances and make new ones. p. 1 -- These five University women will be among many tonight that will make a close guard of the campus very much worthwhile to the school treasury. In this picture it looks as though the athletic department may not be able to find one of their ticket booths when it comes time to sell ducats at the stadium for the Emporia-Wichita homecoming game Saturday afternoon. The women include, left to right, Miss Martha Sells, Miss Ruth Williams, Miss Mary Ellen Fischer, Miss Lola Combs and Miss Belva Webb. p. 1 -- Reigns: Miss Geneva Rehr, non-sorority student of the university, will reign over homecoming activities this weekend as the result of an student election last Friday. p. 1 -- [Charles] Covington. p. 1 -- Loy Wood. p. 2 -- Attractive daughter of president: Miss Ruth Jardine, popular of the university campus, is the daughter of President W. M. Jardine. Miss Jardine attended the University last year and is continuing her work here this year. p. 3 -- Football players pictured are: Edwards, Crooms, and Braley. p. 4 -- -- Has good record: Coach F. G. "Fran" Welch, of the Emporia Teachers is bringing one of the strongest teams in the history of the Hornets to Wichita for a game with the Shockers on Saturday. p. 4
"Yes, there are two 'holidays' in a row"
"Grads, help us sting the Hornets!"
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The Sunflower
v.41 no.8
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