Study of PSTN circuit switched model in OPNET

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Bhagavathula, Ravi
Thanthry, Nagaraja
Hardikar, K.
Pendse, Ravi

R. Bhagavathula, N. Thanthry, K. Hardikar, and R. Pendse, Study of PSTN Circuit Switched Model in OPNET, Proceedings of OPNETWORKS 2002. Washington DC. August 2002.


VoIP is an emerging technology aimed at leveraging the benefits offered by an IP network for both voice and data transmission. The integration of voice and data traffic onto a single network is led by a demand for multi-service applications over the global Internet. Even though the possibility of toll-bypass could result in considerable savings in long-distance calls, networks deploying VoIP face challenges in terms of packet loss, delay, scalability, reliability, inter-operability and lack of uniform standards. The Circuit Switch model within OPNET was used in the current work to quantify the performance of a VoIP network used in conjunction with a PSTN network. This study is tuned towards providing an easier migration path from a pre-dominantly circuit-switched telephony network to a converged network infrastructure. The focus of the current work is on the evaluation of the circuit switched model within OPNET 8.0 with respect to call priorities and call re-routing during the migration process

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