Journal of Management & Engineering Integration, v.14, no.1 (Summer)

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Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS)
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Business , Industry , Industrial engineering , Manufacturing engineering , Systems engineering
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Journal of Management & Engineering Integration, v.14, no.1 (Summer). Ed. Edwin Sawan. Wichita, KS, 2021
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Collegiate Flight Students’ Willingness to Pilot in Different Aircraft Sanitization Scenarios / Brooke Wheeler, Jesse Shacknai, Nicholas Valluzzi and Tianhua Li -- A Novel Use of the K-mean Clustering Technique for Operational Efficiency in Electricity Distribution / Increasing General Aviation (GA) Pilot Reports (PIREPs) through Reducing Errors / Deborah S. Carstens, Michael S. Harwin and Tianhua Li -- Robust Cardiovascular Disease Prediction Using Logistic Regression / Snigdha Datta and Isaac K. Gang -- Comparing the Frequency of Reported Wildlife Strikes by Region in the United States / Gabriella Ferra, Hamzah Alghamdi, Brooke E. Wheeler and Tianhua Li -- Impact of Organizational Slack on Innovation Outcomes / John Hill and Abram Walton -- Leadership Styles and Lean Six Sigma Effectiveness within the Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Industry / Corey Gellis and Ahmad Elshennawy -- A study on Relocation of Home Field and Improvement of Game Schedules for Nippon Professional Baseball / Yutaka Shirai and Hiroyuki Ono -- Cost-Effective Attendance Management System Using Cloud Computing and Face Recognition / Xiaoli Huan and Hong Zhou -- Review of Supply Chain Metrics to Support Performance Excellence / Alper Senol, Ahmed A. Bakhsh and Ahmad K. Elshennawy -- Building Design, Resident's Behavior, and Indoor Radon in the Commonwealth of Kentucky / Osama E. Mansour and Bashar Haddad -- Studying the Properties of Polymeric Composites of Metal Hydrides and Carbon Particles for Hydrogen Storage / Fenil J. Desai, Md. Nizam Uddin, Muhammad Mustafizur Rahman and Ramazan Asmatulu -- 3D Printing of Portland Cement Using a Binder Jetting System / Abdelhakim A. Al Turk and Gamal S. Weheba
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Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS)
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JMEI;v.14 no.1
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