Clearing paths for transgender identities with middle grades literature

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Cramer, Katherine Mason

Cramer, Katherine Mason. 2018. Clearing Paths for Transgender Identities with Middle Grades Literature. Voices from the Middle, v.26, no.2. pp. 25-29


The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educator Network (GLSEN) 2015 National School Climate Survey reveals that transgender middle school students are more likely than their high school peers to face verbal and physical harassment and physical assault while at school based on how they express their gender (Kosciw, Greytak, Giga, Villenas, & Danischewski, 2016, p. 97). This is a health and safety issue, and middle level educators must take action by providing access to middle grades literature that features transgender characters and speaks to students' experiences. Such texts are more than coming out stories, revealing multifaceted characters and supportive communities.

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