An appreciative inquiry of leadership in a high performing high school

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Kelley, William L.
Patterson, Jean A.

This research project involved the members of the leadership team at Hobart High School, a large 5A school in central Kansas. The leadership team was made up of the principal, assistant principals and teacher leaders and sought to reveal their positive experiences at the school. The study utilized an appreciative inquiry theoretical perspective to seek the positive core of the school culture and reasons for their successes. HHS had economic and ethnic factors working against a successful school and a successful student body, but the school had reached the academic standard of AYP for three years consecutively. This study sought to look at the culture of the school and through the experiences of the leadership team this study provided evidence to enhance the body of research about AI and the effects of the power of positive relationships on the successes in schools. These effects include the inclusion of the students, parents, community, staff and administration associated with the school in the changes, both physical and mental, that have taken place at HHS through the construction of a positive school culture.

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Dissertation (Ed.D.)--Wichita State University, College of Education, Dept. of Educational Leadership