Some assembly required: including technical writing in general composition curriculum

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Collins, Shannon Leigh
DeFrain, Darren
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Technical writing , College education
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This research studied problems related to the teaching of technical writing on the college level. It also attempted to establish parameters for the development of a general technical writing course which could be added to core curriculum for all majors. In preparation for this thesis, information was gathered regarding current technical writing curriculum from a variety of experts in the field. The Wichita State University Department of English provided additional information. The emphasis of this research centered on current problems in pedagogical and workplace environments, and on suggestions for change within those areas. This research also considers the influence of technical writing on the general populace In the course of researching the field of technical writing pedagogy, weaknesses in preparation for the workplace were discovered. Weaknesses in the actual practice of technical writing, and its bearing on business and the general public became evident as well. Several theories for improving the formation of technical writers and those who may manage them in the future are discussed in an effort to enrich the classroom experience. This research has resulted in several conclusions. Of particular importance is the need to develop adequate communication between technically-minded employees, their employers, and their general audience. In order to improve the field of technical writing, college courses must place more emphasis on developing an enhanced method of conveying specialized information to an audience which may not possess a technical background. Those engaging in technical writing must also be able to recognize the changing nature of the field, and the forces which affect the sending and receiving of technical messages.

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Thesis (M.A.)--Wichita State University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dept. of English.
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