Virtual reality driver training and assessment system


Ni, Rui, inventor. Wichita State University, assignee. Virtual reality driver training and assessment system. United States patent U.S. 10,825,350. 2020, November 3.


A virtual reality (VR) based driving simulation system and method provides hazard perception training and testing. Some embodiments use a personal computing device (e.g., smartphone), a head-mounted VR headset, and a Bluetooth-connected push button keypad or other user input device. An immersive, 3D simulator enables users to experience and learn from hazardous scenarios without risking injury. Performance by a user in perceiving a hazard is compiled as a metric in a user profile stored on a server, and continued training and testing can be conducted with updated scenarios supplied by the server in accordance with the metric associated with a user.

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WSU inventors: Rui Ni, Dept. of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Application No. 15/935,452 filed March 26, 2018. Patent No: U.S. 10,825,350 granted November 3, 2020