Sustainable single-machine scheduling problem with reliability and energy consumption

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Ghazi-Nezami, Farnaz
Yildirim, Mehmet Bayram
Wang, Pingfeng

Ghazi-Nezami, F., Yildirim, M.B., and Wang, P. 2011. "Sustainable single-machine scheduling problem with reliability and energy consumption." Proceedings of 62nd Annual Conference and Expo of the Institute of Industrial Engineers 2012, Orlando, FL. May 19-23, 2012.


In this paper, a multi-objective model is proposed to minimize energy consumption and total completion time, and to maximize reliability on a single machine. In this problem, jobs arrive over time, and their release dates are known. As a result, one must decide if turning off/on the machine or keeping the machine running idle will be more beneficial in terms of total energy consumption and reliability, since the impacts of idling and turning off/on operations affect the machine's lifetime differently. The proposed model is solved using the multi-objective optimization approach, and some sensitivity analysis is performed to gain insight.

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