Curriculum as a reflection of teacher self-efficacy

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Jack, Ashlie R.
McDowell, Kimberly D.
Lefever-Davis, Shirley

Jack, A.R., McDowell, K., & Lefever, S. (2017). Curriculum as a reflection of teacher self-efficacy. In F. Bowles & C. Pearman (Eds.), Self-Efficacy in action: Tales from the classroom for teaching, learning, and professional development (pp. 69-79). Landham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.


A well-established sense of efficacy has been positively correlated with student achievement and teacher retention. Given this, there is a strong need to promote teacher self-efficacy. Chief among the strategies to promote early-career teachers' self-efficacy is professional learning that engages teachers in the kind of practice-based, action research that helps build a community of local scholars, a comprehensive approach to mentoring that fosters growth and success through Bandura's contributors to the development of self-efficacy, and time for self-reflection practices in order to foster accomplished teaching and impact student learning.

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