Implementation of coordinated multihop scheduling in OPNET

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Joshi, Deepti
Thanthry, Nagaraja
Namuduri, Kameswara
Pendse, Ravi

D. Joshi, N. Thanthry, K. Namuduri, and R. Pendse, Implementation of Coordinated Multihop Scheduling in OPNET, Proceedings of OPNETWORKS 2002. Washington DC. August 2003


Quality of service is one of the major issues on which the networking world is concentrating today. While there are many different techniques that have been proposed to improve the quality of service (QoS), most of them act on a single node, independent of rest of the network. Although this would ensure QoS to certain extent, issues like jitter and maintaining the delay bound are not properly addressed. These issues can be resolved by establishing coordination between the nodes. Through such coordination, the downstream router can schedule a datagram such that the additional delay caused in the previous node may be compensated to certain extent. In this paper, the authors present a discussion on implementing coordinated multihop scheduling in OPNET. Initial simulation results reveal a significant improvement in traffic performance.

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