1992-01-27 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of January 27, 1992.--Faculty Senate Meetings, 1991-1992, v.5

Table of Content
Agenda: (Informal proposals and statements) -- (President's report) -- Meeting of the Committee of the Whole: Proposed format and procedures for Regents-mandated program review -- Proposed Cooperative Degree Program with the Wichita Vo Tech School -- Forthcoming Senate agenda items -- (Report of the Committee of the Whole)
Attachments: Major Faculty Senate Activity: 1991 -- Summary of items on the Senate agenda, January 27, 1992
Minutes: (Informal proposals and statements): Announcement of Caucus / President Mandt -- Inquiry regarding information about Elliott School of Communications building / Senator Kahn -- Concern about campus security / Senator Widener -- Requests about the 'incomplete' policy / Senator Brady -- Concerns about buying of space in the Catalogue for advertising / Senator Billings -- Announcement of Senator Perel's marriage / Senator Kahn -- (President's report): December and January Regents meetings: Approval of proposal from the Security Benefit Corporation to provide services in retirement plan in addition to TIAA, CREF and a division of Aetna -- WSU assessment report on basic skills -- Moratorium on new degree programs through calendar year -- Mission study discussed and approved -- Proposal for the KU Medical Center to establish a Cancer Treatment Service Center approved -- New Regent, R. Sabitini, interested in fiscal affairs of the universities -- Inside WSU's description of Mr. Koplik's restructured assignment -- Inquiry about Basic Skills report / Senator Gosman -- Adoption of new policy on interim basis regarding Competency in Spoken English -- Governor's recommended budget -- Meeting of the Committee of the Whole: Draft of a resolution relating to "Proposed Cooperative Degree Program with the Wichita Vo Tech School" / Senator Alexander