A qualitative exploration of STEM career development of high school students in Taiwan

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2019-02-20 ,
Li, Jiaqi
Mau, Wei-Cheng J.
Chen, Shr Jya
Lin, Tzuchi
Lin, Tingyu

Li, J., Mau, W.-C. J., Chen, S.-J., Lin, T.-C., & Lin, T.-Y. (2019). A Qualitative Exploration of STEM Career Development of High School Students in Taiwan. Journal of Career Development. https://doi.org/10.1177/0894845319830525


Although personal inputs and contextual variables in social cognitive career theory (SCCT) are recognized as key factors that affect career interests and choices, research has given minimal attention to the role of these variables in a collectivistic culture context. We present a study examining science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) career decision-making process of 12 Taiwanese high school students aged 15–17, using a consensual qualitative research method. The data analysis resulted in four domains: personal input, contextual variables, outcome expectations, and self-efficacy identified by SCCT. These results provide a foundation for future research on cross-cultural STEM career development. Implications highlight the importance of counselors in encouraging students of collectivistic culture background to pursue STEM careers.

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