Reorganization of 9A grammar based on the Morrison theory of unit learnings

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Westacott, Nellie Emma
Hillbrand, Earl K.

Some of the defects of the present organization are: (1) that information gained in the classroom functions little if at all outside the classroom, (2) that the pupils assume a "get by" attitude and consider the performance the goal, (3) that the honor roll and honor systems place premiums on mere grades and not real learning, (4) that with the present plan or so many semester hours spent on a subject before promotion, the superior pupils waste hours marking time while the slower reach the mark, (5) the crowded courses of study make mastery of material almost an impossibility, and (6) that pupils in the secondary school do not know how to do selfdirected study. Aim of the Thesis is to show that the work in the classroom may be so organized that mere lesson performance is discredited. It is with this aim that the material in grammer of the ninth grade of the Wichita Course of Study is reorganized to emphasize individual progress, mastery of material, and self-directed study.

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Thesis (M.A.)--University of Wichita, Dept. of Education