Gas-phase uranyl-nitrile complex ions

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Van Stipdonk, Michael J.
Chien, Winnie
Bulleigh, Kellis
Wu, Qun
Groenewold, Gary S.

The journal of physical chemistry. A. 2006 Jan 26; 110(3): 959-70.


Electrospray ionization was used to generate doubly charged complex ions composed of the uranyl ion and nitrile ligands. The complexes, with general formula [UO2(RCN)n]2+, n = 0-5 (where R=CH3-, CH3CH2-, or C6H5-), were isolated in an ion-trap mass spectrometer to probe intrinsic reactions with H2O. For these complexes, two general reaction pathways were observed: (a) the direct addition of one or more H2O ligands to the doubly charged complexes and (b) charge-reduction reactions. For the latter, the reactions produced uranyl hydroxide, [UO2OH], complexes via collisions with gas-phase H2O molecules and the elimination of protonated nitrile ligands.

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