Promoting child development through music: A comparision of preschool teachers' perspective in Kenya and United States

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Okongo, Benson Charles Odongo
Mitchell, Linda M.

This qualitative study examined teachers' perceptions on their use of music as a medium for enhancing development in all early childhood domains/areas (e.g., cognitive, communication, physical/motor, social-emotional and self help). Eight early childhood teachers, four drawn from Kenya and four from the United States, responded to open ended interview questions about their experiences of teaching and using music in their classrooms and personal preparation for use of music in teaching young children. Observations in preschool classrooms were also conducted by the researcher to document the use of technologies, musical instruments and music resources used to observe planned or natural opportunities for children's involvement in music. Results revealed strategies used to teach music, the role of music in early childhood curricula, instructional strategies used including singing and movement and use of musical instruments. Additionally, similarities and differences of early childhood music use are compared between preschool programs in Kenya and the United States. Implications for practice are offered which includes but not limited to collaborations, workshops, and policy change.

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Thesis [M.Ed.] -- Wichita State University, College of Education, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction