2003-09-22 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of September 22, 2003. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2003-2004, v.17
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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals): (President's report) -- (Committee reports): A. Rules Committee -- (Old business): A. Election of a President-Elect -- (New business): A. Programs to be discontinued: 1. WSU Policies & Procedures -- 2. LAS Programs to be discontinued -- 3. Barton School of Business programs to be discontinued -- B. Proposal to increase Introductory curriculum in General Education
Attachments: Rationale for Program Termination / John M. Beehler -- LAS programs to be discontinued: Ethnic Studies -- Gerontology -- Electronic Engineering Technology / Bill Bischoff -- WSU Policies and Procedures: 2.10 / Program Discontinuance
Minutes: Summary of Action: 1. Confirmed Brigitte Roussel, Senator completing term vacated by Margaret Dawe (1 yr appt) & Lennea Glenmaye, Senator representing LAS Social Sciences (2yr appt.) -- 2. Accepted the following appointment to Faculty Senate Standing Committees: (appt. ends): Academic Affairs - Joyce Cavarozzi (6/06); Faculty Support - Thomas Wine (6/06); General Education - Steve Brady - At Large Basic Skills rep (6/06), John Dudte -- Health Professions (6/05), Silvia Herzog - Fine Arts (6/04); Honors - Dong Cho - Business (6/05); Scholarship & Student Aid - Daniel Russell - LAS Humanities (6/06); Undergraduate Research - Dan Close - LAS Social Sciences; Tenure & Promotion - Kirk Lancaster - At Large rep. (6/06) (6/06) -- 3. Appointed Julie Scherz as Faculty rep. on the Center for Teaching & Research Excellence Advisory Board -- (Informal statements and proposals): A. request for judges for the Distinguished Scholarship Invitational (DSI) / Senator Russell -- B. Inquiry about the number of Mondays during the semester on which classes are held -- Senator Klunder -- C. Inquiry about final examination schedule -- D. Reminder about the AAUP meeting on October 18 / Senator Roussel -- (President's report): A. General faculty meeting -- B. Goal to improve communication -- C. Ad Hoc General Education Committee -- D. Collaboration between SGA Executive Committee and Faculty Senate -- E. Wichita Eagle Article about the Governor’s Educational Policy Forum to be held September 23 -- (Committee reports): A. Rules Committee: see summary of actions for the report -- (Old business): A. Election of President-Elect - postponed until 10/13 meeting -- B. Motion to suspend rules to appoint an interim chair of the Rules Committee President -- (New business): A. Programs Discontinuation (LAS)- Programs included Bachelor’s in Ethnic Studies, Bachelors in Gerontology, and the Associates in Electronic Engineering Technology -- B. Program Discontinuation (Barton School of Business): 1. Tabled pending retrieval of recommendation reports -- C. Proposal to Increase Introductory Curriculum in General Education: 1. Political Science wants to move a Further Studies course to Gen. Ed. Introductory level
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