The Sunflower, v.54, no.11 (November 18, 1948)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.54, no.11, Wichita, Kansas, November 18, 1948. - 14 pages

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Article(s): Truman win to help U.S., says analyst -- Addition nears finish -- Vets Field to be dedicated Thanksgiving Day -- 'Elementary school teachers in great demand' -Sipple -- Pep rally included in coming convos -- University music group will present Terwilliger as guest soloist Tuesday -- All vandals face arrest -- Gridster's mother succumbs at Salina -- Round about the campus -- Dance titled 'Jinx Jump' -- Orchids!: Haughton and band praised by article in Down Beat issue / Bob Olson -- 'Chile con Sorosis' theme of sorority partry Saturday night -- Pi Alpha Pi mothers form organization and elect officers -- Writers aid UNESCO -- Tri Rho will elect tonight in ISA Brig -- Club corner!: Exchange teaching from English side subject at meeting -- IRC to hear report on Girardeau meet -- School plans huge rally -- Accounting problems topic of discussion -- Science club to hold 'fry' -- New staff members are feted at party -- Barb-wire Tangle to be held at Camp Bide-A-Wee Friday -- Dramatics sorority entertains soldiers -- 352 students to spell S.C. -- Classes kept at 35 despite enrollment -- Football originated in Africa according to some historians / Carl Goeller -- Phonetics students toup speech clinic -- School gets new organ -- Symbol of rivalry to be spelled out -- Grad gossip!: Claude Davis representative for Board of National Missions / Beulah Mullen -- Homecoming sees 500 grads: Member of 1907 class here -- Protozoa eat cabbages, thanks to grad student -- Contact!: Houser to fly plane taking injured girl to Baltimore clinic -- Instructor speaks at annual meeting -- Clinic plans speech meet -- Mrs. Ragle presented in organ concert -- A fish story: The big one got away -- Turkey is annual loser every Thanksgiving Day -- Polish translators needed by bureau -- If students flunk, profs must work -- Rugged!: Brutal, frank novel heads list of books new at the Library -- Library circulation shows yearly gain -- Typed on a Wednesday: 'One Slip' falls to the power of traffic violator officials -- Field of speech correction offers many opportunities -- Drama Club has lecture -- Counseling meeting will give advice to accounting students -- National music frat names pledge class -- 'East of Eden' well received by Wichita Theatre guests / Bobbie Campbell -- Munich project of University WSSF gives much service -- 'UNESCO in Schools' topic of Roundtable -- Gammas capture cross-country event: First place to Dale Tull -- Frat football squads prepare for keg clash / Dale Henry -- Cross-country team will go to Stillwater -- Builders and Shockers to renew rivalry: locals face huge line -- Tulsa frosh humble baby Shockers 47-0 -- Hodges holds lead in Valley scoring -- Gym teachers work to secure dancers -- Bowl game set Nov. 27 -- Mighty Wolf Pack to invade Wichita: Heath guides Nevada club / Joe Fox -- 'Scooterbug' holds lead -- Scarcity!: Lack of reserves are hurting Wichita in gridiron contests / Bob Ames -- Miami halts W.U. 41-16
Photograph(s): Uncaptioned photo of Veteran's Field. p. 1 -- Gordon Terwilliger, soloist. p. 1 -- David R. Robertson, conductor. p. 1 -- Who's the orderly?: Honorary Col. Kitty Ann Curry and Col. Donald T. Beeler, professor of military science and tactics are pictured above. p. 2 -- Homecoming coffee attracted more than 500 Alumni and former students to the Lounge and Pine Room of the Commons Building after the Wichita-St. Louis football game. Top photo shows, from left) Bob Simpson, Homecoming Queen escort, Dot Neises, queen, Dr. W. M. Jardine, Mrs. Jardine, and Jean Cline. Pictured in the middle photo are, from left, Mrs. Solter, Norvall Neve, backfield coach Athletic Director, Jim Trimble, Mrs. Trimble, Dr. Geraldine Hammond, chairman of the faculty alumni committee, and Lyle Sturdy, freshman coach. Shown in the lower photo, from left, Dr. F. Wesley Park, Sherman Culbertson, Dot Neises, Don Enoch, alumni association president, Mrs. Solter, and Meuli Curry. p. 6 -- Five University of Wichita alumni were elected to county and state offices early this month. They are left to right: Al Blase, Jr., judge of the city court, division two, who attended here from 1924-26; Otis Schweiter, county clerk, who was graduated in 1934; Garner Shriver, representative of the 66th district, who graduated in 1934; William A. Kahrs, who attended the University from 1922-24; and Johnie Frank, county attorney. All five men were Republican candidates. 9 -- Two Builders who are expected to deal the Shockers plenty of trouble Saturday in Veterans Field are Center John Brennan, left, and "Big" John Versnel, tackle. p. 11 -- Four Shocker seniors who will be playing their final intercollegiate football game on Thanksgiving day against Nevada are, left to right, Earl Hamilton, quarterback; Pete Perry, center; John Agee, tackle; and Art Hodges, fullback. p. 12 -- Stan Heath. p. 13