The Sunflower, v.39, no.13 (December 20, 1933)

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The Sunflower: Official student newspaper, v.39, no.13, Wichita, Kansas, December 20, 1933. - 4 pages

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Article(s): W.A.A. announces ice skating hour -- Regristration date is set by Fletcher -- Spirit of Christmas / The Board of Deans -- Three states ask to hear symphonies -- Dance club members preside at initation -- Students aid 16 families with baskets -- Songs mark convocation -- Christmas in Jerusalem finds no glitter of American season -- Faculty has varied plans -- Kappa Delta counselor here -- Pinafore to be presented again -- Extemporaneous practice begins -- Baskets aid needy families -- Alumni to form new dinner club -- Former art professor's works are exhibited -- Kodak contest standings to be announced -- Santa Claus has different names in other lands -- Music students present program -- Clubs -- Omega Upsilon established on campus in 1914 -- Bert Wells likes Russian people -- University social calendar is filled with Christmas festivities: Fraternities and sororities honor guests at formal yuletide dances and dinners during holiday season -- Social calendar -- Jeffss visited by Santa Claus -- Roundabout -- Davis-Haskell engagement told -- Secretaries are hostesses at tea -- Delta Omega honors alumnae at dinner -- Sociologists have Christmas dinner -- Conference teams show early power -- Seven teams set for intramural league -- Wildcats defeat East High team -- Shocker team loses game to Cudahay's 48-39 -- W.U. Cagers meet Globe Oilers here -- Women's sports / Jean Van Arsdale -- North High wins Lawrence game
Photograph(s): Is Santa good to them!: See what Santa is bringing to some good little co-ed. And what nice smiles they have for Saint Nicholas when an A is the reward. Clamering for the A are Miss Margaret Hayes, Miss Ruth Sharp and Miss Erma Martin. / photo courtesy Wichita Eagle. p. 2 -- Takes trip to coast: Jack Ragland, playing his third year with W.U., returned recently from a barnstorming trip with the Reno Creamery team of Hutchinson. The Reno Creameries are coached by Gene Johnson, former Shocker coach. p. 4