2016-04-11 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of April 11, 2016. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2015-2016, v.29
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Agenda: (President's report) -- (Committee reports): (* requires Senate action) Court of Academic Appeals; Faculty Support; Library Committee; *Undergraduate Research; *University Admissions & Exceptions -- b. Rules: Revisions to the Constitution and Rules of the Senate (1st reading) / Bayram Yildirim -- (New business): A. Foundation Update / Elizabeth King -- B. Active Shooter training / Sarah Morris -- C. Strategic Enrollment / Rick Muma, David Wright and Gina Crabtree -- D. SGA Resolution on Plus/Minus Grading
Attachments: Constitution of the Faculty Senate -- WSU Foundation update to WSU Faculty Senate / Elizabeth King -- Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Organizational and Planning Frameworks
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted appointment of Atul Rai {Barton School of Business) to the Faculty Affairs Committee -- 2. Accepted reports for the Court of Academic Appeals, Faculty Support Committee, Library Committee and University Admissions. and Exceptions Committee -- (President's report): Concern from Susan Norton that SB 388 would impact the CLEP policy decision -- (Committee annual reports) (*requires Senate action): i. Court of Academic Appeals: no verbal report -- ii. Faculty Support: no verbal report -- iii. Library Committee: A search is taking place for a new library dean -- Former dean expressed funding concerns and Chair Hendry wants the Library Committee to understand and discuss the issues and concerns -- President Moore- Jansen invited Chair Hendry to talk to the executive committee -- iv. University Admissions and Exceptions: no verbal report -- Four Committee Reports accepted as presented -- b. Rules: Proposed Revision to the Constitution and Rules of the Senate (1st reading) / Senator Yildirim -- i. Senator Atul Rai was accepted to the Faculty Affairs Committee to complete the term of Mahmet Barut -- ii. Senator Shaw and Senator Yildirim presented the revisions to the Constitution and Rules of the Senate -- (New business): a. Foundation Update / Elizabeth King -- b. Active Shooter Training / Corey Herl - c. Strategic Enrollment Management SSEM) Update / David Wright and Gina Crabtree -- d. SGA Resolution on +/- grading / Joseph Shepard and Dalton Glasscock
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