2006-09-25 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of September 25, 2006. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2006-2007, v.20
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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report): A. Kansas Board of Regents Meeting; B. Council of Faculty Senate Presidents meeting; C. Policy Updates; D. University Committee appointments -- (Committee reports): A. Rules Committee: 1. Change to the Tenure & Promotion Committee charge -- 2. Miscellaneous Committee appointments / Silvia Carruthers -- (Old business): A. Procedures for defining Departmental Administration -- (1st reading) -- (New business): A. WSU Banner / Diane Barnes
Attachments: Tenure & Promotion Committee Change -- Electorate
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Accepted the appointment of the following Senators: JoLynne Campbell, Health Sciences, Janice Riordan, Nursing, and Don Byrum, Art and Design -- 2. Accepted Faculty Senate Committee Appointments for: Faculty Support: Betty Elder University Exceptions; Suzanne Tirk, Fine Arts, Krishna Krishnan, Engineering; University Curriculum -- Ted Adler, Fine Arts -- 3. University Committee Appointments for: ICAA Advisory: Larry Spurgeon, Frank Rokosz; Faculty/Staff Retirees: Loretta Forlaw; Traffic Advisory: Kirk Lancaster -- Banner Advisory -- David Hughes -- 4. Elected the following for three-year terms on the Planning & Budget Committee: Peer Moore-Jansen, LAS Social Sciences, Terence Decker, Business -- (Informal statements and proposals): a. Introduction of SGA President Thanh Huynh and staff -- b. AAUP meeting on September 29th -- c. Wichita Eagle article which reflected an increase in enrollment for fall of 2006 -- (President's report): a. Board of Regents meeting -- b. WSU’s Performance Agreement with Board of Regents and student learning -- c. Perception that the other areas covered in WSU’s Performance Agreements are under control / VP Miller -- d. WSU will present a proposal regarding international programs in the age of globalization to the Board of Regents -- e. Report on the meeting of the Council of Faculty Senate Presidents -- (Committee reports): A. University Committee Appointments from Executive Committee -- B. Rules Committee appointments -- c. Tenure and Promotion: Newly formulated schedule for reviewing college/school/ University Libraries promotion and tenure policies reviewed -- (Old business): A. Electorate: Revising electorate policy -- B. Election of members to the Planning and Budget Committee: Peer Moore-Jansen, LAS Social Sciences, and Terence Decker, Business, elected for three-year terms -- (New business): a. Banner System at WSU implementation update / Diane Barnes
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