Energy absorbing seat mechanism

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Olivares, Gerardo

Olivares, G., inventor; Wichita State University, assignees. Energy absorbing seat mechanism. World Intellectual Property Organization WO/2013/090744. 2013, June 20.


A system includes a shear member (136) and an energy absorber (140). The shear member is configured to couple a seat portion to a base structure of a vehicle. The shear member is configured to sustain a first load without fracture and configured to inelastically deform under a second load. The second load is greater than the first load. The energy absorber is coupled to the seat portion and coupled to the base structure. The energy absorber is configured to absorb the energy following deformation of the shear member.

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WSU inventor: Gerardo Olivares, NIAR
International Application No: PCT/US2012/069789 filed December 14, 2012. Patent No: WO/2013/090744 granted June 20, 2013.