2002-11-11 Faculty Senate meeting

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Faculty Senate. Agenda and minutes of the meeting of November 11, 2002. -- Faculty Senate Meetings, 2002-2003, v.16
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Agenda: (Informal statements and proposals) -- (President's report): A. From KU Faculty Senate President Tom Mulinazzi -- B. Kansas Board of Regents meeting, November 13-14 -- C. Vice President & General Counsel Ted Ayres to meet with Faculty Senate Executive Committee November 18 -- D. Proposed Mandatory External Review Schedule -- E. Request for swift decision regarding policy items to be considered under old business -- F. Budget update -- G. Kansas Core Outcomes Project / Kansas Council for Instructional Administrators -- (Committee reports): A. Rules Committee / Elizabeth Behrman -- B. Library Committee / Phillip Parker -- (Old business): A. Use of cell phones/pagers -- B. Policies and procedures manual policy 4.11 / Terminations (Faculty Handbook policy 3.10) -- 3. Faculty Affairs Committee comments / Joyce Cavarozzi -- 4. Discussion of the motion presented October 14 -- (New business): A. Movement from the Library Committee / Senator Parker
Attachments: External peer review for tenure -- Statement to the WSU Faculty Senate on USA PATRIOT Act / Dwight Murphey -- B. Evaluation of Research, Scholarship, Creative or Artistic Performance -- Questions from Faculty Affairs Committee regarding mandatory external reviews for tenure
Minutes: Summary of action: 1. Joyce Cavarozzi, chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee, presented the committee’s list of questions and recommended procedures pertinent to consideration of the motion pending before the Senate for approval of mandatory external peer reviews -- 2. Upon the request of the President, the Senate tabled a motion by Senator Herzog to amend the mandatory external review motion that appeared in the Oct. 14, 2002, meeting's agenda -- 3. The Senate approved the revised modifying the "cell phone policy" previously approved by the Senate -- 4. The Senate approved a motion to retain the current language in the Policies & Procedures Manual, sec. 4.11 (and Faculty Handbook, sec. 3.10) pertaining to the effort of the University to find a suitable position for faculty members terminated for reasons other than cause -- 5. The Senate adjourned without taking action on the resolution proposed by the Library Committee relative to the USA PATRIOT Act -- (Informal statements and proposals): Remarks on recent Lyceum speaker on campus and appreciation to the administration for its support of the lecture series / Senator Carroll -- (President's report): See agenda items -- (Committee report): A. Library Committee: USA PATRIOT Act / Phil Parker -- (Old business): A. Faculty Affairs Committee / Joyce Cavarozzi -- B. Cell Phone/Pager Policy -- C. Revisions to Sect. 3.10 Handbook for Faculty -- (New business): A. Motion from the Library Committee (postponed)
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